Adoption Application

At this time, CPO is only accepting applications from families in the Tulsa metro area, with one exception. If you are a Native American family with a CDIB card, we will take your application at any time, from any state. We currently have an influx of waiting families from outside the Tulsa metro area and we don’t want any family to have to wait an inordinate amount of time, so until a number of our current waiting families are chosen, this option is closed (again, with the exception of Native American families with a CDIB card). Please understand that CPO is NOT agency exclusive. This means you can begin an adoption process in your own state while waiting on the CPO opportunity to reopen. Please check this space frequently for updates on our application acceptance status.

PLEASE NOTE: This application process can be lengthy and cannot be saved for later completion. It is recommended that both husband and wife be present during completion as personal information and testimonies will be required. It is also recommended that you gather important documents before beginning the process: financial information, a digital family snapshot, digital copies of CDIB cards (if applicable), and contact info for doctors, pastors, and personal references. Payment of the application fee ($300) will be required in order to submit the application.