Humbled by your generosity!

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Humbled by your generosity!

$280,565!  Wowsers!  That is the amount of money our generous donors gave to CPO during the Christian Chapel matching challenge as of Jan.4th.  A big shout out to Christina Chapel for the $100k and so much thanks to ALL of our other donors!!  When we first discussed moving to a new location, we had no idea how many doors God was going to open!  But we have gone from an idea in February 2020 to a dream come true by December 2020.  I personally am so humbled and excited to see what God has planned for 2021.  We will be moving into the new building on Jan. 10th.  I hope everyone will come out and take a look around and I ask for many prayers for 2021.  Please pray that we will clearly see Gods will for 2021 and that every woman who needs us will find us.  We are ready to serve!

My Baby Brother

My Baby Brother

Written by Ashley Conklin

Hi, my name is Aiden.  I have a little sister.  I love her very much.  We do EVERYTHING together. I used to live with my mom AND my dad.  I love my parents a lot.  We used to live in an apartment together.  We were so happy.  Well most of the time we were happy.  Sometimes my dad would drink this bad smelling stuff.  When he did, he would get very loud and scary.  Sometimes he would hurt my mom.  I would be so scared and hug my little sister and tell her everything would be okay.  I didn’t know if it would be okay or not.  But I knew I was happy living with my parents, so I believed everything would be okay.

Then one time my dad drank too much of the smelly stuff and tried to hurt my mom and me.  It was very scary.  I still loved my dad, but he no longer lived with us.  I missed my dad a lot.  I loved him.  But it was nice not being scared by him.

I still got to see my dad, this made me and my sister very happy.  My mom would work a lot, so I missed her a lot.  My dad would also work a lot.  I missed him too.  I I loved them both.  He still drinks the smelly stuff, but not as much.  He is just gone a lot.  That is okay.  I get to spend time with my other family when I am at my dad’s.  It was cool.  I had a grandma who watched me when my dad worked.  I had also had another grandma who watched me when my mom worked.  I wish they did not work so much.  I missed them a lot.

One day, when I came back from my dad’s, my mom said she had a baby in her tummy.  I was happy.  I loved babies.  I loved my little sister a lot, and was excited for a new baby.  But mommy said this baby was special.  He was going to answer a prayer for another family.  I was confused and sad.  What was a prayer I asked?  My mom says sometimes a family cannot have another baby.  And this makes them sad.  So they pray to God, to bring them a baby.  But why can’t God let us keep this baby I asked.  I was sad.  Did God care if it made me sad?  My mom was also sad, I could tell she was crying.  This made me really sad.  I was mad at God for making us sad.  I wanted to know why.

Mom gave me a kiss, and said I love this baby too.  I Love you and your little sister a lot also.  But I work so much for food, clothes, toys, and everything else.  I prayed for an answer.  I want to be home and play with you two but with another baby I would have to work more and more. This would make us all very sad.  Mom told me she loved me and missed me too!  I love her, but I was still sad.  She told me that a different family will raise my baby brother.  That way mom can spend time with us and not work ALL the time.  Thinking about mom gone all the time made me sad also.  I was still very sad.  Mom told me this family was very special.  And this baby will make them very happy.  They loved us very much for helping them get a baby.  Mom said this is called an open adoption.

I was less sad now and asked what an open adoption was.  Mom told me it is when a family takes a baby home with them that grew in another mom’s belly.  Mom pointed to her belly and said this baby is growing in my tummy, but it will go home to a different family.  This is called an adoption.  This made me sad again thinking about the baby going home with another family.

I wanted the baby to be my brother. I asked mom again why he can not come home with us.

Mom reminded me that she has to work a lot for money.  We need money for food, clothes, toys, and everything else.  If we had another baby.  Mom will have to work even more. Mom said remember I will have to work all the time. And I love you, I miss you when you work.  I told mom I love her too and that I also missed her when she works. I didn’t want her to work all the time.

I was happy this baby was making another family happy.  But I was still sad about the adoption.  Mom was still sad too.  I now knew what an adoption was.  An adoption is when a baby grows in the belly of a mom, but then goes home to a different family.  This still made me sad.  But it made the other family very happy.  And it means mom will not have to work all the time.  Knowing mom will still play with me made me happy.  I asked mom if I can still see the baby.

Mom said yes!  This is an open adoption, that means we will still see him, and sometimes we will go places together like the park.  And we will get photos of him.  And he will learn our names.  This made me really happy.  I really like babies and even though this baby was going to this special family.  He will still be my brother.

Now when people ask me how many brothers and sisters I have.  I tell them about my little sister, who is always with me.  And I get to tell them about my special baby brother who was adopted by a special family.  I still sometimes miss him.

But when I do, he comes to the park and plays with me!


We are excited to announce that we will be moving into a new 5800 sq. ft. facility sometime in early 2021!  We are hoping that this new location will make it much easier for clients to find us and increase our visibility.  It also offers us a central location for all our programs and services.  The address is 10207A E. 61st St. in Tulsa.  The build out is underway.  It will include the following spaces: A reception area and check-in desk, a counseling room, an office, 2 bathrooms, a childcare room, a kitchenette “Hang Out” space,  2 large classrooms and a boutique.  We have plenty of room to add an ultra sound space in the future when we are ready to reopen our clinic.  It has many windows, great parking and even a bus stop right out front.  Look for more info to come!

Celebrating 5 years partnering with Life Church!

On Thursday, October 15th, 2020 we were blessed with an extra $5000 gift in celebration of our 5th year partnering with Life Church. Members of Life Church Midtown also presented an annual gift of $23,500. That makes a total of over $64,000 in gifts over the last 5 years! We are so grateful to have over 57 volunteers from Life Church serving in many different ways at CPO!

Thank you Life Church for helping us serve women and children in need in the Tulsa area through your gifts and wonderful volunteers!

Don’t take our word for it!


We recently sent a survey out to our clients with this question.

“Do you feel like CPO has served you well? If not, please tell us how we could do a better job.”

We didn’t get a single negative response!  Here is what some of our clients had to say:

  • CPO most definitely served me well!
  • I have loved CPO! I wish there was one here in OKC!
  • We love CPO so much!
  • Y’all are amazing. I always tell people open adoption was the most grown up decision I have ever made 😂 y’all have been such a huge blessing to me!
  • Yes! Parenting my son would not be the same without the support I’ve received from the parenting group.
  • I love CPO they have been a blessing to me through good and bad times! I will forever be grateful for this group!
  • Yes, 100%. I look forward to coming every week & have found a connection with quite a few of girls.

Are you pregnant?  Do you need help?  You are not alone.  CPO is here to help you!  You can call or text 24/7 to our hot line 918-296-3377.


What makes CPO different than other adoption agencies 1,2,3,and 4 

What makes CPO different than other adoption agencies 1,2,3,and 4

First, we are not in the business of adoption!  We are a licensed adoption agency, but we are primarily a crisis pregnancy ministry.  We help women who want to parent also.  That means we have no incentive to pressure an expecting mother to choose adoption.  We will help her even if she decides to parent.  Adoption is just a service we provide.

Secondly, we do only open open open adoptions.  That means much more than providing pictures.  We believe that it is in the best interest of the child for there to be a relationship between their adoptive family and their biological family.  That can include attending birthday parties, get togethers, and CPO events together.  In most of our adoptions, the birth family and adoptive family become one extended family.  Besides a child can never have too many grandmas!

Third and maybe the most important, we offer free counseling for life!  We are here for our clients!   Our greatest gift is to provide you free counseling!  Making an adoption plan is not an easy decision.  A birthmother chooses adoption when she loves her child so much she is willing to live separately from them.  We will walk alongside her through the process by providing counseling, support group, mentoring and much more.

Fourth, since we are not in the business of adoptions, our fees for adoptive families are incredibly low.  This means we have many families who want to adopt through CPO.  Thus, we can be picky!  We require our families to be nonsmokers, married at least 3 years, active in their Christian church and agree to have one parent stay home until the child is school age.  They are also required to attend a 2 ½ day workshop and do an extensive home study.  We want only the very best families for our clients!

CPO is a safe and loving place to find help in a crisis pregnancy!  Call or text us at 918-296-3377.

CPO Parenting Group Spotlight

“K” recently shared her story:
CPO parenting group has helped me in so many ways. I’ve been apart of the group since around March of this year. I found CPO through the suicide prevention hotline after battling a very very dark time of serve anxiety & PPD. I had no idea where to turn & knew I needed help. I got into the doctor & went to CPO group that very next day. I was nervous, but from the moment I walked in the door I was felt welcomed. Before I even arrived to group I felt loved and heard on the phone with the receptionist. So much so that I was in tears by the end of the phone call. My second baby was just 6 months old & my first was a little over 18 months. We were all welcomed with open arms and even during new struggles they have had my back. They became an instant family to me from day one and I couldn’t imagine going through things without them now!
Do you have a friend or family member that might need extra support right now? Let them know about support group @cpotulsa !