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CPO’s Annual Easter EGGstravaganza

Mark your calendars! Our annual Easter party is right around the corner. This party is for everyone and anyone who loves CPO: parenting moms and dads, birth mothers and birth fathers, adoptive families, volunteers, and donors. And most of all: KIDS!!

All the exciting details can be found in the flyer below!2016 Easter Party

If that isn’t exciting enough, check out some of the photo highlights from previous Easter parties!
easter7      easter11 easter5    cpo10 cpo9 cpo8cpoblog-40 cpoblog-28 cpoblog-21 cpoblog-9

More EGGstravaganza photos can be found at Easter Party 2015 and Easter Party 2014. Enjoy!

Retro CPO: Cheryl Said – Fringe Benefits

Each month we will feature a “retro” CPO article, one that is pulled from our archives of quarterly newsletters. Whenever possible we will provide details regarding the author and date of publication.
This month’s Retro CPO article was written by Cheryl Bauman, our founder and executive director. It was written in fall of 2008, and describes a letter she received from a waiting family.

One of the most wonderful “fringe benefits” of what I do is meeting the amazing people who would like to provide a home for a baby, whose birth mom is making an adoption plan.
Several years ago, I received the following note from a family. I did a big “office clean” recently and found it again, and just had to share it with you. It sums up how we see open adoption at CPO. If you are the person who wrote it, please let me know and I will give you credit.
“We are excited about adoption–and the unique way it will fulfill our desire to become parents. Open adoption appeals to us, because we love the truth. It seems to us that God shows up when we are honest about life, and when we look to Him to fill in the gaps. The fact is that real life on this ol’ earth isn’t perfect–far from it. There are successes, failures, miracles, tragedies, joys, and disappointments. Taken all together, this is life–and Jesus is here all the time.
Adoption doesn’t mean pretending that we had a baby. Adoption means building a family. And being grateful that our of a birth mom’s personal crisis–an unplanned pregnancy–and our personal crisis–infertility–we all can see God do something wonderful. We want the birth mom to be part of our lives, and for our child to grow to know what an amazing decision she has made on his or her behalf.”
CPO is not about finding babies for family. We are about finding families for babies. We are only open to families who see adoption as a ministry, not just to the baby, but to the birth family as well. Day after day, I receive calls from families who are only seeking to work with a ministry like CPO. God has called them to be a part of the truth that open adoption provides. They don’t see their child or children as possessions,  but as precious gifts that He has loaned to them. That is what all children are, whether we give birth to them or adopt them. What an honor it is that He trusts us with his “Little Ones!”


Adopted: Experiencing Heaven on Earth


This article was written by a CPO adoptive mom and an awesome volunteer, Denise Dietz. She is such a beautiful part of the ever-growing CPO family. Enjoy.

Just last night my daughter, Nathalie, crawled into bed and snuggled herself real close to a very special Nanny Diane. As I lay in the other room pondering the significance of what was happening a flood of memories came to mind, making this moment all the more precious. You see…it was about 4 ½ years ago when Nanny’s son and his girlfriend made an adoption plan for their daughter. We were chosen to be her parents and began building a relationship with them. As the day of her arrival approached and a birth plan communicated, we welcomed all the family that desired to be part of this special day. It was the day of Nathalie’s birth that we first met Nanny. This precious baby melted all of our hearts in such a way that barriers suddenly diminished. It was the first layer of trust on this journey of open adoption, where they realized we were not there to get a baby; but cared deeply for them and their needs. We too came to trust the outcome… if Nathalie left the hospital with us or without us, we could trust they would do the right thing. With rooms side-by-side we shared special feeding times, changing diapers, etc. But it was always Nanny Diane that trimmed her nails. After 3 days of intense bonding, leaving the hospital was by far the hardest thing we all had to do. With our hearts ripped in two we immediately began texting updates to see how everyone was doing in the transition and expanded our trust with assurance that this relationship was far from over.

DSC03605 IMG_8220DSC03625
As the months turned into years we’ve grown to love and trust one another in even greater ways. Nanny’s house was a favorite place to play when mommy needed to run errands and I was ever so thankful to have “family” in town. I believe the idea of open adoption also took on a new meaning as Nanny realized she would always know and be known by this precious grandchild. The tables of adopting began to turn and soon I realized she has chosen us as her own, too! The day I had to share the news about us leaving town was incredibly hard. I didn’t want this change to disconnect our relationship in any way. Soon after we arrived in Lubbock, news came from Nanny that she was planning a visit. This week the visit is a reality and I have felt completely undone. The roots of this family tree have sunk way down deep. As I lay in the other room thinking about Nathalie snuggled up to her Nanny I prayed, “Lord, please give them supernatural impartations that affirm and establish both of them in the greatness of Your plans and ways.” This is a life our natural understanding cannot reason. The simple truth is, love never fails!!! One bite at a time my heart, our hearts, are richly nourished by this unbelievable taste of heaven on earth.
IMG_4082 IMG_7728 photo(15)
If this story scratches your heart in anyway, I encourage you to lean in a little closer. Start a conversation, say a prayer or support a family going through adoption. Please know open adoption can have varying degrees of “openness.” It really follows the unique design of the individuals. Nathalie is our third child of open adoption. Each adoption has a special on-going relationship of its own. The blessing of birth family adds depth and meaning, leaving the redemptive imprint of God’s unfathomable ways.

CPO Families Celebrate Christmas

No two families look the same, and that is true here at CPO.  We see the miraculous way that God makes families and this holiday CPO families are sharing a little glimpse into their lives.

Christmas Pic

The Jacobson Family

Family Christmas Photo

The McCune Family

Dakota Wilkin & Family

Family Christmas

The Poverud Family


The Poverud Family

Fisher Family christmas

Jarad, Rhonda & Milly with birth mom Amanda.


Summer Ratzlaff with birth mom Dakota and Eric Dunn, and Dakota’s mom Rhonda Wilkin, Blake’s “Mimi”


The Wicar Boys

Family Christmas

The Justice Family

Christmas card pic 2015

The James Family


The Potter Family

Taylor Family Christmas

The Taylor Family

CPO’s 3rd Annual Superhero Run: All the details you’ll need!

It’s almost time for our Superhero Run! This is a fantastic way to have a great time while supporting CPO, a very worthy cause!
You can run, cheer, or volunteer! Whatever you choose, be sure to dress up in your vest Superhero costume!
See below for all the details you’ll need to join in the fun.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.26.31 PM

Q: When is the race?
A: This year’s race is on October 17th. Because of all of the nasty cold weather we had last year, we have gone ahead and moved the race up a month. That just means you need to go get registered ASAP so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
Q: How early should participants arrive?
A: The 5K race starts at 8:30 AM so participants should try and be there about 7:45 or 8 that morning. Runners for the 1K, which starts at 9:30, should shoot for about 9. This should allow time for you to get parked and over with us and maybe even shop some of tables we have before you run!
Q: Is it okay to walk instead of run?
A: Walking is most certainly allowed! We just want to see all your super faces out with us. All we ask is that when we line up for the race that you hang to the back of the group. This allows the runners that are seeking a serious time to move to the front and set the new personal best at the Superhero Run! Similarly, we do allow strollers, but please single width only, and we ask you to also stick to the back at the starting line to allow those runners to pass.
Q: What kind of volunteers are needed?
A: Our volunteers are definitely the staple that holds this run together. We could never have had such a successful race last year without them. That being said, we are so blessed to have Melinda Hunley as our volunteer coordinator. She does an incredible job working with our volunteers and making sure they’re in a spot that keeps everything moving smoothly.  If you would rather volunteer than run this year, her email address is and she would love to find you a spot!
Q: What will the t-shirt design look like this year?
A: We are very excited that the long sleeve runner shirt will be back! Our Superhero Run logo will still be on the front and all of our wonderful sponsors will once again be loud and proud on the back!
Q: How can readers help get the word out?
A: Yes! Please help us spread the word. The way the website is laid out makes it so easy for you to create your team. Be it a company, church, or family… make a team and recruit like crazy! We have prizes for the biggest! We also have flyers that you can pick up and distribute in your office, church, gym, etc. In the last few year surveys reported that our biggest source of advertising was word of mouth. You are our biggest asset! You can contact me at to get flyers for distribution.
Q: Where do we register and what is the deadline?
A: Registration is open at! From there you can register as an individual or as a team and get all ready to go! Be sure you get registered ASAP to get your t-shirt ordered. There is no deadline, we will be accepting registrations right up to race day, but the only way you’re guaranteed a shirt is if you’re registered by October 10th.
Q: Are there prizes?
A: We will have our wonderful runner medals again this year and well as those prizes again for the best costumes and the biggest teams. We have so much fun with those fantastic masks, tutus, and of course the occasional cape! We will also be doing giveaways and prizes on our Facebook page leading up the event so be sure to go “like” the Superhero Run event page right here!
Q: Is there anything else you want us to know about the run?
A: I just want to thank you all for such an incredible race last year. I have the opportunity to plan this event with a great committee that is working very hard for you all. I’d like to thank Melinda Hunley again for coordinating some incredible volunteers, I’m thrilled to announce that Becky Martin is back with us this year and I cannot say think you enough for all of her help recruiting both sponsors and runners. Also a huge shout out to my wonderful momma, Angie Boatman, for joining our team at the last minute last year and taking over as the very best Registration Coordinator I could imagine. I’m truly blessed to work with such an amazing committee. Please join us on race day to show your love, support, and encouragement to the incredible mommas that CPO has touched!

Get Your Shop On!

We are very excited to announce that CPO’s online store is officially OPEN!

We have lots of awesome stuff. There’s apparel (shirts, onesies, hats) for all ages, coffee mugs, tote bags, and more.

Lots of us already have our CPO gear! Don’t be left out!

And best of all, a portion of every sale goes to support CPO!

The link is always in the top menu on our website, or you can click here to shop now.


Retro CPO: A Poem for My Birth Mother

Each month we will feature a “retro” CPO article, one that is pulled from our archives of quarterly newsletters. Whenever possible we will provide details regarding the author and date of publication.

This month’s Retro CPO article is a poetic tribute to a specific birth mother, written by one of our CPO adoptees, Kristen, in winter of 2006.

My mom has always told me
That you loved me from the start.
You’ve always thought about me
Even though we had to part.

I called you “birthday mommy,”
I knew you gave me birth.
I thought that I was lucky,
I had two mothers on this earth.

I’m glad you chose my family,
I love my mom and dad.
I know the choice was hard for you,
And sometimes you felt sad.

So I want to say “thank you,”
Though I know it caused you strife.
I’m very, very grateful
That you chose to give me life!


Siblings at CPO, Part Three

It has been said that siblings are your first best friends, but what about in open adoption? We present a series of three posts to tell just a few of the sibling stories that we have heard here at CPO and hopefully give you a sense of how it can look both for the adoption family and for the birth family. Remember that every single story is completely individual, and we wouldn’t have that any other way.
Below is part three of three stories written by one of our fabulous volunteers, Alaina Butler.  If you haven’t already, be sure to read parts one and two, also.

Milly became a part of the Fisher family in October 2013, through adoption. Her biological half-brother, Shaun, lives with Amanda (his mother, and Milly’s birth mother). Shaun is 6 and Milly is almost 2 and they both love to see each other so much. They even enjoy Skyping between visits.


Adoptive mom, Rhonda shares the story of her daughter Milly.

“As long as Jarad and I knew we were going to adopt (years and years), we always assumed that we would just adopt one kid and call it good. Obviously God may have other plans, but for now, we have just Milly and that’s the way it will stay. This is in part because of financial reasons, in part because of the size of our house, and in part because, man… parenting is hard! (I’m joking, but only sort of.) Being an only child has some obvious perks: more parental attention, nobody borrowing and ruining your favorite dress, fewer noogies, etc. We believed that with fewer children, we’d be more able to provide a quality education for Milly. But when Jarad’s father became ill and subsequently passed away, we realized how nice it was to have the emotional support of his siblings.
“Because of open adoption at CPO, Milly is actually going to have it all. She will (most likely) be our only child, and will benefit from the opportunities that provides. But, she will also have a brother: Shaun. Sure, he lives a few towns over, but there is no doubt they have an emotional attachment that is already evident. Shaun loves Milly so much, and Milly looks at Shaun with a special light in her eyes, just like any little sister looks at her big brother.
“When Amanda and Jarad and I are all gone from this world, Shaun and Milly will still have each other. They can laugh about all the silly things they did when they were growing up. They can talk about the similarities they both inherited from Amanda. And they can gather their families together around the holidays. That’s what siblings are for, and that’s what they have in each other… thanks to open adoption.”

ImageBirth mom, Amanda has this to say about Milly’s adoption and relationship with her brother, Shaun.

“Shaun has three other siblings on his biological father’s side. The oldest, a sister, is much older. She’s married with her own baby, and living out of state, so we call her, but don’t see her, and he wasn’t raised around her. We are not in contact with the younger two and their mother. Our relationship with Milly, Rhonda, and Jarad is Shaun’s “normal”. He sees that other kids his age have siblings, and at first, was confused as to why the new baby siblings lived with them. I love, love, love that Shaun gets to experience being my only child, yet still have a little sister, too.”


And what does brother Shaun think of Milly and her adoption? “It makes me so happy.” he told us. Well Shaun, it makes us happy too. image2

Siblings at CPO, Part Two

It has been said that siblings are your first best friends, but what about in open adoption? We present a series of three posts to tell just a few of the sibling stories that we have heard here at CPO and hopefully give you a sense of how it can look both for the adoption family and for the birth family. Remember that every single story is completely individual, and we wouldn’t have that any other way.
Below is part two of three stories gathered by one of our fabulous volunteers, Alaina Butler. Come back soon to see part three.

Our Family Designed by God, Andy and Sarah Justice

The adoption decision for our family required a great deal of faith and obedience in God’s plan for our lives. Through this step of obedience and trust in a sovereign God He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. You will never regret trusting God with the details of your life.

God led us to CPO and the whole idea of open adoption.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were born just two weeks before we found out that we were pregnant, then seven months later we delivered healthy twins. Our triplets were very young when their siblings were born, so they have not really known life without Abigail and Andrew. They are all best buddies and are lost when the others are not up from a nap or are away from the house. When we were chosen by the birth parents to place their child (what they then thought was just one!) with us we told them of our desire to have a large family so they would not be surprised or disappointed if there were siblings later on, and they were happy at the prospect. Before the birth mom delivered the triplets they would tease us that we would probably get pregnant with twins after the triplets were born…and that we did, just a little sooner than anyone could have imagined. (By the way, this was not supposed to be able to happen medically, but with God all things are possible.) The birth parents were very happy to visit us in the hospital when the twins were born.

With two sets of multiples and everyone so close to the same age, the family dynamics can get a bit intense, but we have set out to promote an atmosphere of love and camaraderie between the siblings. They are very free with hugs and kisses for each other, when one gets hurt, or someone needs to say “I’m sorry,” or when going to bed. These past two years have been an extreme amount of work, but they have been filled with the greatest joys of our lives. We would not trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you CPO for being there for our birth parents and for families like us!


And thank you Sarah, for sharing your wonderful story with us. Remember to check back soon for more CPO sibling stories!

Siblings at CPO, Part One

It has been said that siblings are your first best friends, but what about in open adoption? We present a series of three posts to tell just a few of the sibling stories that we have heard here at CPO and hopefully give you a sense of how it can look both for the adoption family and for the birth family. Remember that every single story is completely individual, and we wouldn’t have that any other way.
Below is part one of three stories written by one of our fabulous volunteers, Alaina Butler. Come back soon to see parts two and three.

Sammy and Abigail were both adopted into the Domer family of Broken Arrow. In addition to each other, they both also have biological siblings through open adoption. First of all they have each other, and Sammy also has a half sister and Abigail has four biological brothers.

image1 Sammy and Abigail Domer, siblings through adoption.

Here are a few words from their adoptive mom, Christina, on the subject.

“As an adopted child (a closed adoption, thank you 1970s!) I always knew I would adopt. Get married. Have a few kids, adopt a baby girl from China. The end. What I did NOT assume was that I would be infertile. That came as a huge surprise. Damon and I took a number of months to grieve and pray. In December of 2010 we knew the Lord wanted us to start the adoption process. His time table and methods are often different than ours. Even in the adoption process. So, even though we had already been on a roller coaster of emotions we took another ride! 🙂
“In February we mailed in our application and our life book. The wait began. At the end of April, Angela came into the office and  chose our family to parent the child she was expecting in 5 weeks. Samuel was born May, 2011 and we have a very open relationship with his birth mom. His birthfather has not been around as much but we are thankful for pictures and a few meetings in the past. Samuel also has a half sister who we have met once and I stay friends on FB with her mother so that at an appropriate time we can let them spend some time together.
“Fast forward to May of last year. We were ready to adopt again, so I stepped down from my position with CPO as an assistant, and we put our life book back in and started the home study renewal process. On July 7th Cheryl called to let us know that a couple wanted to interview us. It felt super natural with them and during the dinner they chose us. An unusual part of their story is that this baby would not be their first to place with CPO. In fact, they had placed three boys with two different families over the last 10 years. I was intrigued and excited about the fact that this little one would have FULL biological siblings to know in the future.
“Two days later on July 9th, Abigail (it was a girl!!) was born. The delivery was traumatic for both birth mom and for Abigail. We nearly lost them both that day. We spent a month in the NICU with Abigail (that miraculous story is for another time and place!). On the day she was born we began our open adoption relationship with her birth parents, her half sister who came to the hospital plus one of the CPO mommas who adopted her full brother, Barrett.
“Since Abigail was born she has met three of her four bio brothers. We are excited for all of them to grow up near each other and being together for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas’s, and even weddings some day! I love that Abigail has her brother Sammy plus four bio brothers we are able to know because of open adoption! Those boyfriends better beware! :)”

Abigail with three of her four biological brothers. Abigail with three of her four biological brothers. image2 Abigail with her biological brother, Bear (standing), and her adoptive brother, Sammy. Abigail also gained some "Aunties"...Bear's adoptive mother and her sister. Auntie Paige and Auntie Keri. Abigail also gained some “Aunties”…Bear’s adoptive mother and her sister. Auntie Paige and Auntie Keri.

Beware indeed! Abigail is so blessed to have so many people looking out for her. Open adoption sometimes looks like a huge patchwork quilt brought together by lots of love and God’s perfect story. I’m so glad Sammy and Abigail have so many siblings to give and receive love in return.

Remember to check back soon for more CPO sibling stories!