Cheryl Bauman

pic_cheryl3What a pleasure it is to greet you and welcome you to CPO! It is hard to believe that CPO is now in its 31st year! Never, in my wildest dreams for this ministry, did I envision that it would become this large or this comprehensive.

Our mission is to help the young women do what they feel is best for their babies and to help them become all that God created them to be. My personal goal is to get up each morning and make myself available for His calling that day. Truly, His mercies are new every morning for each one of us!


Cheryl Bauman is the Founder and has been the Executive Director of Crisis Pregnancy Outreach since its inception in 1983. For 31 years, Cheryl has guided and directed CPO as it has continually grown to meet the ever-increasing needs of young women and their children.

Cheryl has received numerous awards and recognition for her loving and compassionate service. Mrs. Bauman was presented with the Pinnacle Award by Tulsa’s Mayor Bill LaFortune. This award is given “for significant contribution toward improving the status of women in the Tulsa community.”

hpim0068In 2002, Cheryl went to Washington D.C. to receive The Congressional Angels in Adoption Award, “in recognition of her outstanding example and commitment in promoting adoption.”

While Cheryl Bauman is an accomplished woman, dedicated to serving her community, she would quickly tell you her biggest achievements are her seven children, 22 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchild and her marriage of 50 years to Jerry.

Jerry and Cheryl have been faithful members of Christian Chapel since 1981. They enjoy spending time with their large family, traveling together, and the beloved cats and Whippet dogs.

Kelly Jacobson

Dear CPO Family,

Starting on January 2nd, 2020, CPO will be taking a huge new step forward by adding our first ever full-time paid director.  My name is Kelly Jacobson and I have been a volunteer at CPO for 23 years.  I am a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and have adopted four of my seven children from CPO.  This ministry is a part of my soul and I feel so privileged to take on this new position.  CPO is especially near to my heart because When I was 19, I had an abortion.  I did it because my parents told me to.  I did it because my friends told me it would be selfish not to.  I did it because my boyfriend wanted me to.  I did it because I didn’t think I had another option.  Years later, I came to regret my choice.  I felt deceived by the counsel I was given. I felt overwhelming guilt.  I felt broken hearted.  I was able to go through a mourning process and begin healing.  Part of my healing process has been to serve at CPO.  I often wonder if I had had a CPO in my life, would I have made a different choice?

Over the years I have volunteered in just about every aspect of CPO while raising my kids. I have seen women healed, families created, and amazing adoption stories.  I have had the privilege to speak to women considering abortion and was able give them a real choice.  I have developed friendship with my fellow volunteers that will last a lifetime.  I am very proud to be a part of this amazing ministry.

Looking forward, I am so excited to be leading along with Cheryl Bauman.  God is at work here.  I am privileged and honored to serve.   I am thankful for my story and I hope I can encourage and support hurting women and families for many years to come.

In Him,

Kelly Jacobson