Don’t take our word for it!

  We recently sent a survey out to our clients with this question. “Do you feel like CPO has served you well? If not, please tell us how we could do a better job.” We didn’t get a single negative response!  Here is what some of our clients had to say: CPO most definitely served […]

What makes CPO different than other adoption agencies 1,2,3,and 4 

What makes CPO different than other adoption agencies 1,2,3,and 4 First, we are not in the business of adoption!  We are a licensed adoption agency, but we are primarily a crisis pregnancy ministry.  We help women who want to parent also.  That means we have no incentive to pressure an expecting mother to choose adoption.  […]

CPO Parenting Group Spotlight

“K” recently shared her story: CPO parenting group has helped me in so many ways. I’ve been apart of the group since around March of this year. I found CPO through the suicide prevention hotline after battling a very very dark time of serve anxiety & PPD. I had no idea where to turn & […]

We’re So Thankful

Today we all take a minute to pause and think about all that we’re thankful for. At CPO, we’re thankful for the courageous birth moms who make adoption plans, the loving families that are created through adoption, and all of the people who have helped CPO over the years. Here are just a sampling of […]

The Long Run

This blog is going to tell a story about my journey.  I will share my experience and the tools available to deal with the crisis pregnancy process.  My goal is that it is relatable and interesting and that you get something of value out of these posts. Just the Good News In the Beginning – […]

CPO Makes Families BIG!

Families come in many shapes and sizes. For this, I am grateful. Twenty years ago when I started thinking about having my own family, I never knew how big and beautiful it would become. I became pregnant with Hank in 2002. He was born in March of 2003. He was 5 weeks early and we […]

The Reality of Meeting a Biological Relative for the First Time

Today’s post is written by a CPO adoptee who is now a thriving college student, Isaac Jacobson. While the great majority of CPO adoptions are very open adoptions, in Isaac’s case, the adoption had to be closed. We appreciate his willingness to share this emotional journey with us. I would like to start off this […]

Joy Will Come

”You’re pregnant” were the words that would forever change my life.

What is an Adoption Home Study?

Today’s post is written by one of CPO’s favorite home study providers, Julie Likens. This is great information for prospective adoptive families, but it’s also good for birth families to know who thoroughly our adoptive families are “vetted.” Julie’s contact info is included below in case you are interested in using her services.  Having spent […]

Birth Father Appreciation

This last weekend we celebrated Father’s Day. My husband became a father through the gift of adoption. Here at CPO we love and honor birth moms, as you know. We don’t hear as much about birth dads because they’re often not around after an adoption takes place. That is not the case for our family. […]