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Easter 2016 Party Pics

This year’s CPO Easter party was last Saturday. It was awesome, as usual! Here are some great pics of all the fun we had!

They are also posted here: Easter Party 2016. Check back to that page in a few days as we plan to upload more and more as they come in from our fantastic volunteer photographer, Ashley Ledbetter.

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CPO’s Annual Easter EGGstravaganza

Mark your calendars! Our annual Easter party is right around the corner. This party is for everyone and anyone who loves CPO: parenting moms and dads, birth mothers and birth fathers, adoptive families, volunteers, and donors. And most of all: KIDS!!

All the exciting details can be found in the flyer below!2016 Easter Party

If that isn’t exciting enough, check out some of the photo highlights from previous Easter parties!
easter7      easter11 easter5    cpo10 cpo9 cpo8cpoblog-40 cpoblog-28 cpoblog-21 cpoblog-9

More EGGstravaganza photos can be found at Easter Party 2015 and Easter Party 2014. Enjoy!

Celebrate Life Gala 2016

Celebrate Life Gala 2016

It’s that time of the year and we are excited to announce our 12th Annual Celebrate Life Gala! This one night event is right around the corner and preparations are in full swing! We hope you can join us for this wonderful night of celebration. Below we have listed all the details you need for this event as well as how to sponsor a table. Even if you are just wanting to attend on an individual ticket, we hope to see you there!

Who: YOU, and other CPO supporters
What: Celebrate Life Gala
Where: Mayo Hotel, Downtown Tulsa
When: Friday, April 1st at 6pm
Why: Delicious meal. Lovely location. Live auction. Silent auction. Multiple fun donation opportunities. Join us to support Crisis Pregnancy Outreach!

celebrate life gala

Adopted: Experiencing Heaven on Earth


This article was written by a CPO adoptive mom and an awesome volunteer, Denise Dietz. She is such a beautiful part of the ever-growing CPO family. Enjoy.

Just last night my daughter, Nathalie, crawled into bed and snuggled herself real close to a very special Nanny Diane. As I lay in the other room pondering the significance of what was happening a flood of memories came to mind, making this moment all the more precious. You see…it was about 4 ½ years ago when Nanny’s son and his girlfriend made an adoption plan for their daughter. We were chosen to be her parents and began building a relationship with them. As the day of her arrival approached and a birth plan communicated, we welcomed all the family that desired to be part of this special day. It was the day of Nathalie’s birth that we first met Nanny. This precious baby melted all of our hearts in such a way that barriers suddenly diminished. It was the first layer of trust on this journey of open adoption, where they realized we were not there to get a baby; but cared deeply for them and their needs. We too came to trust the outcome… if Nathalie left the hospital with us or without us, we could trust they would do the right thing. With rooms side-by-side we shared special feeding times, changing diapers, etc. But it was always Nanny Diane that trimmed her nails. After 3 days of intense bonding, leaving the hospital was by far the hardest thing we all had to do. With our hearts ripped in two we immediately began texting updates to see how everyone was doing in the transition and expanded our trust with assurance that this relationship was far from over.

DSC03605 IMG_8220DSC03625
As the months turned into years we’ve grown to love and trust one another in even greater ways. Nanny’s house was a favorite place to play when mommy needed to run errands and I was ever so thankful to have “family” in town. I believe the idea of open adoption also took on a new meaning as Nanny realized she would always know and be known by this precious grandchild. The tables of adopting began to turn and soon I realized she has chosen us as her own, too! The day I had to share the news about us leaving town was incredibly hard. I didn’t want this change to disconnect our relationship in any way. Soon after we arrived in Lubbock, news came from Nanny that she was planning a visit. This week the visit is a reality and I have felt completely undone. The roots of this family tree have sunk way down deep. As I lay in the other room thinking about Nathalie snuggled up to her Nanny I prayed, “Lord, please give them supernatural impartations that affirm and establish both of them in the greatness of Your plans and ways.” This is a life our natural understanding cannot reason. The simple truth is, love never fails!!! One bite at a time my heart, our hearts, are richly nourished by this unbelievable taste of heaven on earth.
IMG_4082 IMG_7728 photo(15)
If this story scratches your heart in anyway, I encourage you to lean in a little closer. Start a conversation, say a prayer or support a family going through adoption. Please know open adoption can have varying degrees of “openness.” It really follows the unique design of the individuals. Nathalie is our third child of open adoption. Each adoption has a special on-going relationship of its own. The blessing of birth family adds depth and meaning, leaving the redemptive imprint of God’s unfathomable ways.

Update: CPO Super Hero Run

CPO Super Hero Run

Our 3rd annual Super Hero run was held October 17th, and it was great!

The weather was perfect (for once!), the participants were pumped, and the volunteers were awesome!

Below are some highlights from the day. There are a TON more photos in our Super Hero Run 2015 image gallery. Enjoy!

2015-10-17 08.49.38

The Incredibles

2015-10-17 08.40.56


2015-10-17 08.01.25-2

Finishing strong

2015-10-17 08.47.22 2015-10-17 08.45.23 2015-10-17 08.44.15 2015-10-17 08.43.32 2015-10-17 08.42.58 2015-10-17 08.41.55 2015-10-17 08.39.51 2015-10-17 08.39.17 2015-10-17 08.38.11 2015-10-17 08.38.16 2015-10-17 08.38.33 2015-10-17 08.33.25 2015-10-17 08.32.46 2015-10-17 08.21.04 2015-10-17 08.20.42 2015-10-17 08.18.45 2015-10-17 07.50.55 2015-10-17 07.40.16 2015-10-17 07.34.30 2015-10-17 07.30.52 2015-10-17 07.22.09 2015-10-17 07.09.34 2015-10-17 07.04.042015-10-17 08.52.32

Have Fun for a Great Cause!

CPO’s Super Hero Run

CPO's Super Hero Run

In case we haven’t mentioned it enough, CPO’s Super Hero Run is now only days away!

Check out this post for more information on how you can participate, volunteer, or sponsor!

Register online:
Get regular updates on Facebook:

Create a team, join someone else’s team, participate individually, or volunteer. And be sure to dress up!! No matter how you get involved at this year’s run: It is sure to be blast!

CPO’s 3rd Annual Superhero Run: All the details you’ll need!

It’s almost time for our Superhero Run! This is a fantastic way to have a great time while supporting CPO, a very worthy cause!
You can run, cheer, or volunteer! Whatever you choose, be sure to dress up in your vest Superhero costume!
See below for all the details you’ll need to join in the fun.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.26.31 PM

Q: When is the race?
A: This year’s race is on October 17th. Because of all of the nasty cold weather we had last year, we have gone ahead and moved the race up a month. That just means you need to go get registered ASAP so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!
Q: How early should participants arrive?
A: The 5K race starts at 8:30 AM so participants should try and be there about 7:45 or 8 that morning. Runners for the 1K, which starts at 9:30, should shoot for about 9. This should allow time for you to get parked and over with us and maybe even shop some of tables we have before you run!
Q: Is it okay to walk instead of run?
A: Walking is most certainly allowed! We just want to see all your super faces out with us. All we ask is that when we line up for the race that you hang to the back of the group. This allows the runners that are seeking a serious time to move to the front and set the new personal best at the Superhero Run! Similarly, we do allow strollers, but please single width only, and we ask you to also stick to the back at the starting line to allow those runners to pass.
Q: What kind of volunteers are needed?
A: Our volunteers are definitely the staple that holds this run together. We could never have had such a successful race last year without them. That being said, we are so blessed to have Melinda Hunley as our volunteer coordinator. She does an incredible job working with our volunteers and making sure they’re in a spot that keeps everything moving smoothly.  If you would rather volunteer than run this year, her email address is and she would love to find you a spot!
Q: What will the t-shirt design look like this year?
A: We are very excited that the long sleeve runner shirt will be back! Our Superhero Run logo will still be on the front and all of our wonderful sponsors will once again be loud and proud on the back!
Q: How can readers help get the word out?
A: Yes! Please help us spread the word. The way the website is laid out makes it so easy for you to create your team. Be it a company, church, or family… make a team and recruit like crazy! We have prizes for the biggest! We also have flyers that you can pick up and distribute in your office, church, gym, etc. In the last few year surveys reported that our biggest source of advertising was word of mouth. You are our biggest asset! You can contact me at to get flyers for distribution.
Q: Where do we register and what is the deadline?
A: Registration is open at! From there you can register as an individual or as a team and get all ready to go! Be sure you get registered ASAP to get your t-shirt ordered. There is no deadline, we will be accepting registrations right up to race day, but the only way you’re guaranteed a shirt is if you’re registered by October 10th.
Q: Are there prizes?
A: We will have our wonderful runner medals again this year and well as those prizes again for the best costumes and the biggest teams. We have so much fun with those fantastic masks, tutus, and of course the occasional cape! We will also be doing giveaways and prizes on our Facebook page leading up the event so be sure to go “like” the Superhero Run event page right here!
Q: Is there anything else you want us to know about the run?
A: I just want to thank you all for such an incredible race last year. I have the opportunity to plan this event with a great committee that is working very hard for you all. I’d like to thank Melinda Hunley again for coordinating some incredible volunteers, I’m thrilled to announce that Becky Martin is back with us this year and I cannot say think you enough for all of her help recruiting both sponsors and runners. Also a huge shout out to my wonderful momma, Angie Boatman, for joining our team at the last minute last year and taking over as the very best Registration Coordinator I could imagine. I’m truly blessed to work with such an amazing committee. Please join us on race day to show your love, support, and encouragement to the incredible mommas that CPO has touched!

Get Your Shop On!

We are very excited to announce that CPO’s online store is officially OPEN!

We have lots of awesome stuff. There’s apparel (shirts, onesies, hats) for all ages, coffee mugs, tote bags, and more.

Lots of us already have our CPO gear! Don’t be left out!

And best of all, a portion of every sale goes to support CPO!

The link is always in the top menu on our website, or you can click here to shop now.



At CPO, women feel safe.

At CPO, children play freely.

At CPO, volunteers are dedicated.

At CPO, women learn to trust.

At CPO, we come together.

At CPO, we celebrate accomplishments.

At CPO, we live.

At CPO, we thrive.

At CPO, lives are changed.

Birth Mother’s Day 2015

The annual CPO Birth Mother’s Day celebration was very different this year. We’ve heard from many of the birth mothers in attendance and it seems like it was a big hit! This day is VERY important to many birth mothers, and they have told us that having their adoptive family there to celebrate with them means the world. If you are a CPO family, please make plans right now to attend with your birth mother next year. She will appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

Below are some photos of the event. Enjoy, and we hope to see you next year!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 1.22.21 PM

CPO birth mothers were greeted as they entered by volunteers at this table. There, they received a beautiful necklace, a handmade key chain, and they signed up for door prizes. Meanwhile, adoptive families were encouraged to check out some of our fundraisers: canvas photos for the CPO classroom and our brick campaign.IMG_6146

Birth mothers and their families were then treated to a delicious meal of Steaks and Cakes (and more!) tablescapepigtails  cheryl&angela yummy cutie

Many wonderful CPO volunteers worked tirelessly to provide a wonderful day for our girls.guy marlita

The CPO classroom was transformed into a “day spa”. Professionals volunteered their services including manicures, facials, and chair massages. The finishing touches on the CPO Day Spa were soft lighting, flute and nature music, and diffused essential oils. No pics of that area, as we didn’t want to interrupt the pampering process.

The highlight of the day for many girls was the opportunity to receive professional portraits from two wonderful volunteer photographers. They had the option for outdoor photos (generously provided by Ashley Ledbetter) or indoor studio-style photos (generously provided by Angie Hepp of Little Light of Mine Photography). Below are some of the beautiful images captured, posted with permission.amanda2 amanda3 bmd1a bmd3a bmd5a bmd28 bmd30 bmd32IMG_6291IMG_6349IMG_6307rs3rs2Ladies+Collagebmd+Collage-2IMG_6563a1

It truly was a wonderful day. We are already planning next year’s event and have some ideas for making it even better!